Villa Cayo Saetia - A villa in Cayo Saetia, a true natural reservation with wide flora diversity and exotic fauna
Villa Cayo Saetia Aereal View

Welcome to Villa Cayo Saetía

Villa Cayo Saetía offers as an enticing paradise with the environment that surrounds it. The small village is located in the key of which takes its name, Cayo Saetia, located in the Nipe Bay, the bigger in Cuba, to about 120km to the southeast of the Holguín City.

You can arrive to Villa Cayo Saetía by sea, by land through a small bridge that communicates it with the main island or by air, using an helicopter located in Guardalavaca and that it is the favorite one for all.

Villa Cayo Saetia Exotic Animals near Main Building

Inside a true natural reservation is Villa Cayo Saetía, a wide flora diversity and introduced endemic and exotic fauna the they conform, is the limit of domestic bigger hunt here, unique opportunity for the lovers of the picture-hunt and of the hunt that is allowed under a closing observance of the rules and of the national and international regulations that help to maintain the en

Villa Cayo Saetia Beach

vironmental balance.

During their journeys in this place will be able to contemplate their forests and animals so much Cuban as of other tropical countries as the antelopes, deer of white line, ostriches, rhea, buffalos of water, crocodiles, boars, zebras, hutias and national birds, in their wild freedom.

Villa Cayo Saetia Wood Cabins

For the lovers of the sea the Villa Cayo Saetía facilitates them the enjoyment of 12 virgin beaches among which are particularly attractive the calls El Peñon (The Crag), Almendra (Almond) and Gaviota (Gull) a sea that it seems a peaceful lagoon where the surf is hardly a caress. The dense vegetation arrives almost until the sand of the beach, giving the image of a lost oasis amid a blue sea.

Brown rock formations (only of this place) they are dispersed around the bank. The beauty of the marine bottom and the great quantity of species of the sea that cohabit in the near coralline barrier that bound to, make of the place an exceptional place for the diving.

Villa Cayo Saetia Exotic Animals

The Villa Cayo Saetía is an ideal destination for Honeymoon, a true refuge for the rest, an option that goes but there of sun, beaches, history and culture coming closer to environments that not maintain a virginity invaded by the man's hand.

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